Students at TUM Asia have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities on and off-campus. Many of these activities are student-initiated or student-led by your peers or college peers from our partner universities.

At TUM Asia, these are some of the yearly activities that students can take part in:

  • Freshmen Orientation
  • Outdoor Student Events (such as Paintball, Futsal, Football, Bubble Bump, Cycling, BBQ)
  • Indoor Student Events (such as Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest)
  • Alumni & Networking Events (such as Career Fair, Industry Talks & Visits, Scientific Seminars, Alumni Stammtisch)



Students will also have the opportunity to be a part of regular events planned by the Student Management Committee (SMC), which is comprised of a group of student leaders selected from among the TUM undergraduate programmes. Students can be both volunteers at the event or participants.

Additionally, you can exercise your leadership and co-curricular skills by joining any of the Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT) clubs and sport groups. From singing, to crafts, sports and even community work, there is something for everyone! More information about the SIT groups here. As part of the SIT community, undergraduate students will be invited to SIT events that are open to all university partners. Meet fellow students from different fields of study and expand your professional network!


For the graduate students in the Master programmes, the opportunities are endless! Many of TUM Asia’s graduate students are international students who have stepped foot into Singapore for the first time. Taking time to explore this amazing island-state is one of your top to-dos, and your Singaporean classmates can play host to help you discover the real side of Singapore, off the beaten track. TUM Asia also encourages our students to self-initiate activities among classmates – postgrad students are independent and ambitious!

Students also have the opportunity to join any club or society at NUS or NTU, enriching your student life experience at a postgraduate level. Additionally, there are various not-for-profit organizations or interest groups scattered across Singapore that you can participate in, accessible through Facebook groups, or friends’ recommendation. Get out there and meet people!